Samurai Woman Jacket
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Samurai Woman Jacket – Size 12

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This Samurai Woman Jacket – Size 12 –  has been created from vintage (1950’s-1980’s) Tsumugi silk intended for a man’s ensemble (kimono and haori) with a traditional woven design in navy blue.  The jacket can be worn at all occasions, lending itself to evening, day or casual wear.

This design takes its inspiration from the traditional jackets worn by the samurai, which featured up to six flanges over the shoulder with square armholes.  Not all samurai were men, brave and heroic women were included in their numbers.

Lining is a vintage (1950’s-1980’s) lining silk featuring a “Fuji” (wisteria) floral design in sage green, pink and mauve colours, dyed on a cream background.

The front closure at neckline features traditional Japanese ties found on douchugi jackets and the ties are embellished with charms created from vintage kimono silk and resin.

Care Instructions:  Dry clean only recommended

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